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Why buy Prometha?

Prometha Mean tie to repair. 15 % improvement

Improved boiler plant efficiency.

Cost savings by facility size.

  Small Medium Large
# Boilers 1 2 4
Size (hp) 200 500 800
Annual Fuel Costs    $  146,607    $  733,037 $ 2,345,718


Cost Savings in Cycles per Hour $ 876 $ 3,504 $ 11,213
Efficiency $ 2,932 $ 14,661 $ 46,914
Lead-Lag Operation   $ 7,330 $ 23,457

Potential Annual Savings

$ 3,808

$ 25,495

$ 81,584

Prevention or reduction of unplanned downtime.

Downtime savings by industry example.

  Food & Beverage Pharmaceutical Small Manufacturing Large Manufacturing
Unplanned Downtime 4 4 4 4
Planned Downtime with Prometha 1 1 1 1
Costs per Hour $ 12,500 $ 58,000 $ 8,200 $ 24,300

Savings / Occurrence

$ 37,500

$ 174,000

$ 24,600

$ 72,900

Prometha boiler IoT subscription.

Key Feature Comparison Standard Premium
Number of Key KPIs Remotely Monitored 7* 13*
Text Alerts/Notifications of Shutdown Alarms    
Email Alerts/Notifications of Shutdown Alarms    
Trend Reporting of each KPI    
Dashboard Banner Alert for Shutdown Alarms    
Overview Summary of all Boilers    
Detailed Data per Boiler    
Key Operational Guidance for each KPI    
Access Valuable Boiler Insights    
Access Boiler Data Anywhere at Anytime    
Secure Data Communication    
Number of Boilers 1 to 4* 1 to 4*
Number of Users Up to 8* Up to 8*
Key KPI Comparison Standard Premium
Boiler Efficiency    
Firing Rate    
Boiler Outlet Stack Temp    
Operating Pressure / Temp    
Setpoint Pressure / Temp    
Boiler Water Temp    
Flame Signal    
Boiler Water Level    
Stack O2    
Combustion Air Temp    
Economizer Outlet Water Temp    
Stack Temp After Economizer    
Economizer Inlet Water Temp    

* If your facility has more than 4 boilers or you want to give mobile access to more than 8 users, contact your Cleaver-Brooks Prometha representative for custom pricing.

Tailored IoT subscription plans
built to suit your boiler plant needs.

Cleaver-Brooks Prometha Hardware device for boilers employee smiling with laptop

Prometha hardware connection kit starting at $2,425

The Prometha gateway is virtually plug and play with all subscription plans, making implementation simple. No onsite programming or configuration is needed. The remote boiler dashboard can be viewed as soon as the gateway is installed.

Labor installation is quick and easy and takes about 4 hours. This may vary based on boiler plant conditions.

Prometha Standard
Plan Subscription
starting at $3,000/year

Includes remote boiler IoT monitoring and dashboard access for up to 1 connected boiler and 8 users. Additional boilers can be connected for $1,000 each,
up to a max cost of $6,000/year (based on 4 boilers).

Cleaver-Brooks Boiler employee
Cleaver-Brooks Boiler employee smiling with laptop

Prometha Premium
Plan Subscription
starting at $6,000/year

Includes remote boiler IoT monitoring and dashboard access for up to 1 connected boiler and 8 users. Additional boilers can be added for $1,000 each,
up to a max cost of $9,000/year (based on 4 boilers).

Premium version includes text/email alerts of shutdown
alarms and data monitoring of 6 additional gauges.