About Prometha®

Advanced Boiler Room Technology

Prometha® is more than just a digital interface. It elevates boiler operations from mere tasks to be performed to making informed, engaged and empowered decisions. In essence, we are reshaping the landscape of boiler operations by fusing advanced technology with human acumen. 

The Prometha Journey: People, Process, & Technology



Prometha® optimizes a boiler system for any industry by providing actionable insights to increase efficiency and reduce unplanned downtime. Users can remotely monitor their boiler system, view key performance indicators, receive alerts, utilize an asset diagnostic tool, and review trend reports, moving from a reactive to a predictive stance to reduce boiler maintenance costs and improve uptime.


How does Prometha simplify boiler room operations for employees?

Boiler operators, maintenance technicians, facility managers, and executives can maximize their efficiency and effectiveness with Prometha connected boiler solutions tailored for seamless boiler connectivity and monitoring. For facility managers, these solutions provide remote oversight and control, ensuring compliance with safety standards and optimizing energy consumption. Boiler operators benefit from real-time data insights, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime. Maintenance technicians gain access to advanced diagnostics, streamlining troubleshooting processes and enhancing operational efficiency. Executives can make data-driven decisions, leveraging detailed analytics to drive cost savings and sustainability initiatives. With Prometha's connected boiler solutions, every stakeholder can harness the power of streamlined connectivity and monitoring to achieve their objectives with precision and ease.

How Does Prometha Impact You?

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Harness the power of real-time data to optimize operations, manage energy costs, and ensure a safe, reliable boiler operation.​

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Stay informed with instant alerts to understand the health of your boiler operation and take proactive measures based on actionable insights.​

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Pinpoint inefficiencies, schedule predictive maintenance, and keep your boiler running at peak performance. ​

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Empower strategic decision-making with comprehensive reports, aligning boiler room operations with business goals and sustainability efforts. ​

Industry Expert Support

Prometha's integrated support system, expert team, and Cleaver-Brooks rep network combine seamlessly to enhance the value of Prometha solutions. With a dedicated support system in place, customers have access to comprehensive assistance at every stage, from implementation to ongoing maintenance. Prometha's expert team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, offering personalized guidance and ensuring optimal performance of the connected boiler solutions. Moreover, the Cleaver-Brooks rep network adds another layer of support, with local representatives providing on-the-ground expertise and quick response times. Together, these elements create a robust ecosystem that empowers customers to maximize the benefits of Prometha's innovative technologies, driving efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind.

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The harmony between your local Cleaver-Brooks representative and the Prometha expert team ensures you receive timely, precise and strategic assistance to maintain an optimized boiler operation.​

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Together with your local representative, this dedicated team of experts provides invaluable insights and guidance from their vast industry knowledge and experience.​

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Your local, authorized, Cleaver-Brooks representative understands your unique challenges and goals and will utilize the real-time insights from Prometha to tailor solutions for your system.​


Process: How Does Prometha Work?


Unleashing Boiler Intelligence

Prometha® embodies the convergence of intricate monitoring, actionable insights, and unyielding security. It’s not just about viewing data. Rather, it’s about understanding, analyzing and transforming this data into actionable pathways that steer your boiler operations towards unprecedented efficiency, reliability and sustainability. ​

Suitable for all industries, Prometha is designed to connect to steam or hydronic condensing, firetube, watertube, electric or modular boilers from any manufacturer. In addition, Prometha can provide you with actionable data insights for ancillary equipment such as a deaerator, surge tank or feedwater system and control systems from Honeywell and Fireye, among others.​

If you're already leveraging a building management system (BMS) or another data collection system, Prometha seamlessly integrates and elevates your experience. Regardless of your current system, Prometha will be tailored to meet your needs.

Key Features of Prometha®

  • Real-Time Insights​: Witness the Boiler Score Insight, offering a crystal-clear, instantaneous snapshot of your boiler’s performance, grounded in safety, efficiency, reliability and sustainability. ​
  • Holistic Approach​: Gain a 360-Degree Narrative, where data tells the story of your boiler room’s operational highs and lows, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.​
  • Data Security​: Rest easy with Top-Tier Encryption, one-way secure data flow, firewall-grounded infrastructure, and regular cybersecurity evaluations, ensuring your data’s security.​
  • Adaptable Reporting: Benefit from Standard Snapshot Reports that pinpoint boiler performance. For specific insights, request custom reports to match your needs (additional charges may apply).​
  • Swift & Versatile Integration: Enable Prometha within minutes. With continuous additions of New Boiler System Connectors, driven by feedback from our Cleaver-Brooks representatives, integration is ever-evolving. Our team tailors a seamless plan for you, ensuring an intuitive experience. ​