Reliable Boiler System Performance Like Never Before

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Reliable Boiler System Performance Like Never Before Reliable Boiler System Performance Like Never Before Reliable Boiler System Performance Like Never Before
Optimized Connectivity

Reliable Boiler System Performance Like Never Before

Prometha allows operators to gain visibility of all critical equipment within the boiler room and provides a holistic dashboard view of the entire system application.

Prometha Applications

Improve the reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and safety of your boiler system.

Prometha® optimizes a boiler system for any industry by providing actionable insights to increase efficiency and reduce unplanned downtime. Users can remotely monitor their boiler system, view key performance indicators, receive alerts, utilize an asset diagnostic tool, and review trend reports, moving from a reactive to a predictive stance to reduce boiler maintenance costs and improve uptime.

Industries Utilizing Prometha: 

Commercial Facilities

Food & Beverage
Government & Military

Petroleum & Refineries
Pharmaceutical & Bio-Tech
Pulp & Paper

Key Features of Prometha:

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{{ 'Plug & Play Technology' | limitTo: 50 }}

Simply plug in, power on, and enjoy the power of total integration at your fingertips

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{{ '24/7 Boiler Room Monitoring' | limitTo: 50 }}

Monitor your boilers anywhere, anytime, on any device with our secure cellular-based solution. 

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{{ 'Insight Across Multiple Sites' | limitTo: 50 }}

Access valuable boiler insights for each of your facilities in one easy-to-use location. 

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{{ 'Dynamic Trend Charts' | limitTo: 50 }}

Review your boiler data history. Identify operational trends to help address issues before they arise for efficient troubleshooting. 

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{{ 'Realtime Alerts & Notifications' | limitTo: 50 }}

Always know the status of your boiler. Prometha allows you to take immediate action to prevent unplanned downtime.

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{{ 'Supports Multiple Users' | limitTo: 50 }}

Accessibility is not limited to one user. All roles within your organization can benefit from the visibility of boiler operation. 

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{{ 'Insightful Dashboards' | limitTo: 50 }}

At-a-glance, find out if your boiler is operating as recommended by the industry experts at Cleaver-Brooks. 

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{{ 'Enhanced Security' | limitTo: 50 }}

Secure cellular communications, data encryption, and third-part verification, all add up to a solution you can trust.

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